☎️ Connect incoming calls to their desired recipients as fast as you can
⏲️ The faster you work, the better your score at the end
📞 You will lose points for dropped calls - callers are impatient so make connections quickly
⏳ The game ends after 3 minutes


🕹️ A blinking light on the switchboard indicates that a call is coming in from that jack
🕹️ Choose any of the 6 available connector pairs and plug the LEFT PLUG of that pair to the caller jack
🕹️ Flip the TALK SWITCH to hear the caller
🕹️ The caller will tell you which number they're trying to reach, e.g. for 2364 find 23 on the X axis and 64 on the Y axis to find the receiver jack
🕹️ Plug the RIGHT PLUG of the connector pair to the correct receiver jack
🕹️ Push the ringer button to signal the receiver of the call
🕹️ Close communications by flipping the TALK SWITCH to the off position
🕹️ A solid light indicates that a call is ongoing. If the light is off, the call has ended. You can click on plugs to retract them


💻 CLOAKEDNINJAS (Programming): Phaser
🎨 TRESLAPIN (Art): Adobe Illustrator
🎵 DORKULON (Music and SFX): Ableton Live 10 + Various Instruments

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
Made withPhaser


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Please help i really wont to play this game by there are white squares with numbers and i dont know how to turn them off and there blocking EVERYTHING on the top! PLEASE HELP. EDIT: ok the white things are the numbered grid BUT its a LONG rectangle down and it blocks everything.

love the music and art


Love it!!! 

Challenging, cute and the best part is they have little cute conversations!!!


Thank you so much! They were really fun to write :3


Great design, great art and really great little idea!

Thank you!!


Stressful and a bit shorter than I thought it'd be, but I made a little video, hope you enjoy! 


It was really fun watching you play! Thanks so much for taking the time to play the game make the video :3


This is absolutely lovely! And stressful. So stressful. But so lovely!


Thank you!