☎️ Connect incoming calls to their desired recipients as fast as you can
⏲️ The faster you work, the better your score at the end
📞 You will lose points for dropped calls - callers are impatient so make connections quickly
⏳ The game ends after 3 minutes


🕹️ A blinking light on the switchboard indicates that a call is coming in from that jack
🕹️ Choose any of the 6 available connector pairs and plug the LEFT PLUG of that pair to the caller jack
🕹️ Flip the TALK SWITCH to hear the caller
🕹️ The caller will tell you which number they're trying to reach, e.g. for 2364 find 23 on the X axis and 64 on the Y axis to find the receiver jack
🕹️ Plug the RIGHT PLUG of the connector pair to the correct receiver jack
🕹️ Push the ringer button to signal the receiver of the call
🕹️ Close communications by flipping the TALK SWITCH to the off position
🕹️ A solid light indicates that a call is ongoing. If the light is off, the call has ended. You can click on plugs to retract them


💻 CLOAKEDNINJAS (Programming): Phaser
🎨 TRESLAPIN (Art): Adobe Illustrator
🎵 DORKULON (Music and SFX): Ableton Live 10 + Various Instruments

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Published 22 days ago
Made withPhaser


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Love it!!! 

Challenging, cute and the best part is they have little cute conversations!!!


Thank you so much! They were really fun to write :3


Great design, great art and really great little idea!

Thank you!!


Stressful and a bit shorter than I thought it'd be, but I made a little video, hope you enjoy! 


It was really fun watching you play! Thanks so much for taking the time to play the game make the video :3


This is absolutely lovely! And stressful. So stressful. But so lovely!


Thank you!