Sell health potions to heroes battling the forces of evil… but at what cost?

  • ⚗️ As the shop keeper, draw your own blood to brew health potions!
  • ❤️ Sell health potions to heroes to pay for your long overdue vacation 🏖️🌴(and some traps… we’ll get to that later)!
  • ⚔️ Throw on your disguise and battle the heroes as the infamous Goblin Monster to steal back the blood and regain your health!


The Goblin Monster is terrorizing the land, and valiant heroes are set on slaying him! You, the guileless shopkeeper make a meager living selling health potions with the ultimate goal of making enough coin to take a much-needed vacation.

Unbeknownst to the heroes, the health potions are actually made from the shopkeeper’s blood! What a twist! Double-unbeknownst to them, the shopkeeper is in reality the fiendish Goblin Monster, who is harvesting the blood from the heroes trying to defeat him and using it to heal himself! WHAT A DOUBLE TWIST!


Haemogoblin is played in two parts:

  1. SHOP | Draw your blood 💉 to brew potions
    • Don’t draw too much or you’ll surely perish at the hands of a hero later
    • Once you’re done, sell your potions and rake in the coin 💰
    • Don’t poke the spider ☝️🚫🕷️
  2. BATTLE | Fend off the forces of good in a game of tower defense
    • Spike traps damage heroes that come into contact with them and gather blood to refill your stock
    • Spiders 🕷️ shoot web 🕸️ at heroes, slowing them down - slowed down heroes take extra damage on spikes
    • Defeat heroes by killing them with spikes or slowing them down until their stamina is drained and they teleport out of combat.
    • If a hero reaches you, they’ll hit you with their sword! Try not to die or it’s game over - worse yet, there’ll be no vacation for you! 🚫🏖️


Programming by @cloakedninjas | Art by @treslapin | Music & SFX by @dorkulon

🎵 Music available on Soundcloud

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Authorscloakedninjas, dorkulon, treslapin
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